Greater Madison Tennis Association

GMTA is a non-profit organization promoting tennis in Madison for over 35 years.

GMTA Round Robin Rules

  1. The match for the week will be arranged by the home player, who is responsible for bringing a fresh can of balls.
  2. The match for the week must be arranged by the Saturday of the previous week. If the responsible person does not contact his/her opponent by that Saturday, the latter wins the match by default. However, if you know you are difficult to reach, please help your opponent by contacting him/her. Please keep good sportsmanship in mind.
  3. If you know of weeks you will be gone on vacation, camps, etc, contact your opponents right away, and see if they would be willing to play your scheduled match either earlier or later. Don't wait too long, because you may end up with a lot of make up matches.
  4. The time and place of the match must be mutually acceptable.
  5. Matches will be ten game pro sets, with a set tie-breaker at 10-10 (one must win by 2 games or go into a tie-breaker at 10-10. The set tie-breaker is won by the first person to reach 7 points and be ahead by 2 points. Regular ad scoring is used.
  6. Players must play at least 50% of his/her matches or all of that player's scores are disqualified. If the person does play at least 50% of their matches, the defaulted matches are considered wins to the opposing player.
  7. Winners are decided by percentage of matches won. In the case of a tie, the winner will be determined by the percentage of games won. Defaults are scored as 0-10 for the person defaulting and are figured in your percentage total games won at the end. Example:
    • A defeats B: 10-6
    • A defeats C: 10-4
    • A defaults to E: 0-10
    • 20-20 20/40=50% of games won
  8. Enter results online as matches are completed.
  9. For the round robin to be a success, it requires the cooperation of all individuals. If it is your turn to call, do not wait until Friday evening at 10 pm to contact your opponent. In the past, some people just gave up after losing the first few matches and either defaulted or never called their future opponents. This is not a USTA sanctioned event. Your rating will not be affected. This is a social event. You made a commitment to the other players in your bracket when you signed up. Please keep it.


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